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Definity® Media Servers

An all-in-one telephony solution designed to support enterprises with a breadth of communications needs with integrated messaging, contact center, mobility and networking capabilities.

S8100 Media Server

The S8100 Media Server is an offer targeted at the small single site, multi-site and branch locations in the 80 to 180-station size, with growth potential to 450 stations with the embedded messaging disabled or 240 stations with messaging active. This solution can be configured to support traditional telephony, IP enabled and converged customer environments. Integrated applications such as messaging, contact center and Integrated Management, make the S8100 a robust all-in-one communication solutions. The ability to be IP enabled at any time provides a path for enterprises to deploy IP telephony capability at their own pace.


Business Benefits

  • Reduced maintenance and equipment costs due to co-resident applications on a single platform.
  • No need to purchase third party servers due to built in Windows 2000 DHCP and TFTP servers.
  • Provides employee productivity enhancing features and applications like advanced routing, networking, security/reliability and call center.
  • Communication Manager driven capabilities and administration make it ideal for enterprise administrators.

S8300 Media Server

The S8300 Media Server resides inside a G700 or G350 Media Gateway. It can be used as a standalone communication system or as a fully surivable remote gateway. The S8300 can be the primary controller for up to 50 remote G350 and G700 Media Gateways.


As with the S8500 and S8700 Media Gateways, the S8300 has a Linux operating system and runs Communication Manager 2.1. It supports industry standard call control, quality of service, and management functions, and supports IP, digital, and analog endpoints.


Business Benefits

  • Increases productivity by providing advanced headquarters functionality to remote locations.
  • Reduce communication down time with fully survivable gateways.
  • Reduce overal costs by leveraging existing communications infrastructure.
  • Save time and money by managing all sites from a single system interface.
  • Reduce space and complexity with integrated messaging

S8500 Media Server

The S8500 Media Server brings all of the robust performance and rich feature set of Communication Manager Release 2.0 onto an industry standard processor running an industry standard operating system. This processing engine drives the switching fabric of the system. The S8500 Media Server is a Pentium 4 server running Linux operating system. The simplex S8500 Media Server is 1 U high and fits into a 19" four-post data rack.


In new system sales, the S8500 Media Server will be sold with the G650 Media Gateway as well as with the G700 and G350 Media Gateways. Customers that are currently on Avaya legacy systems such as the DEFINITY® Server SI, R (Direct Connect only ⬓ no Center Stage Switch), CSI and S8100 can easily migrate to the S8500 Media Server and maintain their current Media Gateways (e.g.: CMC, SCC1, MCC1, G600). The S8500 Media Server supports IP Port Network Connectivity for new sales and Direct Connect for SI/R migrations. Center Stage connectivity is not supported on the S8500 Media Server.


Business Benefits

  • Supports distributed IP in a smaller scale.
  • Provides powerful technological incentives for DEFINITY® Server customer to migrate.
  • Includes RAM Disk, which maintains the S8500 Media Server to continue to operate in the event of a disk failure.

S8700 Media Server

The S8700 Media Server is a 19" rack mount, Intel Processor based server, running the Linux operating system. The S8700 with Communication Manager provides a rock solid foundation for a highly flexible converged solution that meets a variety of telephony needs. The S8700 uses two processors to help ensure maximum up time and the processors can be separated up to 10 kilometers (6.3 miles) to help ensure business continuity.


The S8700 can process up to 300,000 Busy Hour Call Completions and support up to 36,000 stations, of which 12,000 can be IP stations, and 8,000 trunks enabling it to support large multi-national corporations and contact center operations.


Business Benefits

  • High Capacity
  • Common Software Base optimizes integration into existing networks and eases upgrades.
  • Scalable Architecture provides virtually unlimited growth options.
  • Redundancy Options provide High Availability support.
  • Unified System Management Tools facilitate improved management efficiencies.
  • Standards Based provide opportunity for integration of custom developed applications

Legacy Definity® PBX

CFI Telecom also carries circuit packs and upgrades for the legacy Definity PBX line.



 Avaya S8100 Media Server (PDF (.pdf) 147kb)

 Avaya S8300 Media Server (PDF (.pdf) 601kb)

 Avaya S8500 Media Server (PDF (.pdf) 459kb)

 Avaya S8700 Media Server (PDF (.pdf) 160kb)

 Avaya 6400 Series Digital Telephone (PDF (.pdf) 389kb)

 Avaya 4600 Series IP Telephone (PDF (.pdf) 136kb)


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