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PARTNER® Advanced Communications System

Reliability, simplicity, a large selection of advanced telephony features, and converged communications through "business ready" digital subscriber lines (DSLs) or fractional T1 make the PARTNER® Advanced Communications System ideal for small growing businesses. This system is designed to help meet the complex business needs facing small enterprises today with room for growth to meet future needs.  Available for more than 10 years, more than one million PARTNER systems have been sold worldwide.


MERLIN MAGIX® Integrated System

The Avaya MERLIN MAGIX® Integrated System is a private branch exchange (PBX) with a built-in ability to emulate a traditional key system. Using a single platform to deliver key communications capabilities from basic voice to Internet access, makes it highly cost-effective and easy to install, service, maintain, and grow. This flexible and scalable system is designed to meet the evolving communications needs of small- and mid-sized businesses. It is ideal for small companies looking for the latest communications features, as well as for larger companies who can install this system in their branch offices. The MERLIN MAGIX networking capabilities enable multiple locations to communicate across the public switched telephone network (PSTN) or across an Internet Protocol (IP) network.


IP Office

Avaya IP Office is an all-in-one solution specially designed to meet the communications challenges facing small and medium sized businesses.  Due to its modular design, the solution can scale from 2 to 360 extensions to meet the needs of home offices, standalone businesses, and networked branch and head offices. Built on Avaya's latest advancements in converged voice and data technology, small to mid-sized businesses can benefit from many of the advantages sophisticated communications deliver to their operations.



Avaya DEFINITY® Servers offer a scalable solution with the ability to grow without changing an entire communication system. DEFINITY Servers were designed with investment protection in mind. Most existing components are reusable in subsequent releases. Both IP and circuit switched calls are supported with DEFINITY Servers.


The Plantronics CS50 Wireless Office Headset System brings the ultimate in mobility and handsfree conversations to your phone.  The CS50 gives you eight hours of talk time and the wireless convenience to roam up to 300 feet with secure conversations.  And remotely taking or ending a call is as simple as pressing a button with the optional Plantronics HL10 Lifter.


Avaya offers analog, digital and IP-based full duplex speakerphones for large and small conference rooms.  Full duplex technology means simultaneous 2-way transmission. There is no changeover from incoming to outgoing, thereby eliminating the clipping and hollow sounds associated with conventional half-duplex speakerphones.  Avaya Speakerphones are ideal for day-to-day group collaboration in ad hoc meeting rooms, breakout rooms, and small to medium conference rooms.  Full-time 360-degree coverage assures that everyone in the room can be heard.


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