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PARTNER® Advanced Communications System


 PARTNER® Advanced Communications System (PDF (.pdf) 277kb)

 Partner Telephones (PDF (.pdf) 204kb)


Technical Information

 PARTNER® ACS R7.0 PC Administration R7.0 Getting Started (PDF (.pdf) 1124kb)

 PARTNER ACS R7 Quick Reference Guide (PDF (.pdf) 1021kb)

 PARTNER® Messaging Release 7.0 System Administration (PDF (.pdf) 118kb)

 PARTNER® Messaging Release 7.0 System Manager’s Quick Reference (PDF (.pdf) 814kb)

 PARTNER® Messaging Release 7.0 User's Guide (PDF (.pdf) 1021kb)

 Programming overlays for PARTNER 18D Telephones (PDF (.pdf) 7kb)

 Programming overlays for PARTNER 34D Telephones (PDF (.pdf) 9kb)

 How To Use Your PARTNER Phone (PDF (.pdf) 149kb)

 PARTNER® Advanced Communication System 1600 DSL Module User Guide (PDF (.pdf) 658kb)

 Avaya PARTNER® ACS Documentation Library (View)

 Avaya PARTNER® ACS Documentation Library (Download)


MERLIN MAGIX® Integrated System


 MERLIN MAGIX® Integrated System (PDF (.pdf) 370kb)

 Introduction to 4406D & 4412D Telephone (PDF (.pdf) 215kb)

 4400 Series Digital Telephones (PDF (.pdf) 114kb)

 3810 Wireless Telephone (PDF (.pdf) 148kb)


Technical Information

 MERLIN MAGIX® System Manager's Quick Reference Release 3.0 (PDF (.pdf) 4144kb)

 MERLIN MAGIX® Pocket Reference Guide Release 3.0 (PDF (.pdf) 1687kb)

 MERLIN MAGIX® System Programming Basics Release 3.0 (PDF (.pdf) 1337kb)

 MERLIN® Messaging Release 4.0 System Administration (PDF (.pdf) 430kb)

 MERLIN® Messaging System Release 4.0 System Manager’s Quick Reference (PDF (.pdf) 4361kb)

 MERLIN® Messaging System User’s Guide (PDF (.pdf) 649kb)

 Avaya MERLIN MAGIX® Documentation Library (View)


IP Office


 IP Office - 3.0 Brochure (PDF (.pdf) 455kb)

 IP Office At A Glance (PDF (.pdf) 167kb)

 IP Office - Small Office Edition (PDF (.pdf) 121kb)

 2400 Series Digital Telephone (PDF (.pdf) 100kb)

 4400 Series Digital Telephone (PDF (.pdf) 101kb)

 4600 Series IP Telephone Overview (PDF (.pdf) 101kb)

 4600 Series IP Telephone (PDF (.pdf) 101kb)

 5400 Series Digital Telephone (PDF (.pdf) 156kb)

 6400 Series Digital Telephone (PDF (.pdf) 94kb)

 4601 IP Telephone (PDF (.pdf) 142kb)

 4610SW IP Telephone (PDF (.pdf) 643kb)

 4620SW IP Telephone (PDF (.pdf) 632kb)

 4630SW IP Screenphone (PDF (.pdf) 506kb)

 4690 IP Speakerphone (PDF (.pdf) 476kb)

 3810 Wireless Telephone (PDF (.pdf) 148kb)


Technical Information

 IP Office Voicemail Pro (PDF (.pdf) 564kb)

 IP Office Voicemail Installation & Administration Manual (PDF (.pdf) 1328kb)

 4620/4620SW/4621SW IP Telephone User Guide (PDF (.pdf) 711kb)

 4625SW IP Telephone R2.5 User Guide (PDF (.pdf) 700kb)

 4625SW IP Telephone Quick Reference (PDF (.pdf) 118kb)




 Avaya S8100 Media Server (PDF (.pdf) 147kb)

 Avaya S8300 Media Server (PDF (.pdf) 601kb)

 Avaya S8500 Media Server (PDF (.pdf) 459kb)

 Avaya S8700 Media Server (PDF (.pdf) 160kb)

 Avaya 6400 Series Digital Telephone (PDF (.pdf) 389kb)

 Avaya 4600 Series IP Telephone (PDF (.pdf) 136kb)


Technical Information




 Avaya 4690 IP Speakerphone (PDF (.pdf) 476kb)

 Polycom® Voice Products (PDF (.pdf) 2296kb)

 Polycom® SoundStation2™ (PDF (.pdf) 1078kb)

 Polycom® SoundStation2W™ (PDF (.pdf) 407kb)


Technical Information

 Polycom® SoundStation 2™ User Guide (PDF (.pdf) 2436kb)




 Plantronics SupraPlus™ (PDF (.pdf) 202kb)

 Plantronics CS50 (PDF (.pdf) 811kb)

 Plantronics DuoPro™ (PDF (.pdf) 1281kb)

 Plantronics Mirage® (PDF (.pdf) 1288kb)

 Plantronics Product Catalog (PDF (.pdf) 464kb)


Technical Information


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